The importance of Panchoghar district is going to the pick because of the opening of the Banglabandha ICP and the government policy regarding the road communication and business agreement with Nepal, Bhutan and India. It is expected that within 5 years lot of infrastructural development will take place and land value of that area will be very high. Considering the future prospect of the land in Ponchoghar we undersigned parties decided to sell/purchase some land in Vojonpur, Panchoghar, As per this agreement handing/taking of money will take place for the said purpose. The agreement will remain valid till the registration of the land is completed in the name of 1st party. Both the parties agreed on the following points and signed the agreement;

  1. 1st party will get the ownership of 10 decimal of land in Vojonpur, Panchoghar area near the agro based project of 2nd party.
  2. 1st party will pay 6,00,000/- (Six lac) taka as value of the land. Payment can be made highest in three installments in three months (Two lac per month).
  3. On completion of the payment that is after three months the registration of the land will be done.
  4. 2nd party will take the responsibility of looking after the land for five years. After that once the land will be sold, 2nd party will get 10% “Service Charge” for taking care of the land. In case of any emergency if 1st party wants to sell his property before five years, he can do this any time he wants, to anybody he likes and in any amount he desires. But he should consult with 2nd party so that details of new comer can be endorsed.
  5. 1st party will also have the option to withdraw his investment after five years with 10% profit from 2nd party.
  6. Beside this investment in land, if 1st party wants to invest in any other project of 2nd party he will get added advantages then other investor.
  7. 1st party has declare his/her nominee as;

Name :

Relation :

Address :

Signature of 1st party : Signature of 2nd party :

Name: Name :

Address : Address :